【1First to the registration screen

Please visit this site http://www.tanomi.com/metoo/r/?kid=88659

Please click the link at the top right

【2Personal Registration

Please enter
it in the image on the reference.

Newsletter subscription right(No) is recommended.

Please click the button to scroll down.

I switched the screen, click more.
Please do not close the window switches.

【3Checking the mail

Has sent an email like this.
Please copy and paste the password.

Return to the previous screen, enter your email address and password.

【4Let's sign!

Please visit
this site http://www.tanomi.com/metoo/r/?kid=88659
By referring to the picture above, please press the button on the right sign.

【5Input to the pop-up window

The message input screen of the signature.

Please press the button and enter a reference image above.


Cheers for good work. Thanks for help.
To cooperate beyond national differences!

Please also look at any capacity.
The signature of the not3DS version.